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Tone up fast, lengthen your whole body and activate your core with Proactive Physio Pilates.

Pilates is popular among clients of all ages because it genuinely is the ultimate body conditioning system. Proactive Physio Pilates incorporates floor exercise and specialised equipment to build balanced muscle strength and achieve core stability.

With an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, Pilates also involves breathwork and improving coordination.

How it works 

A regime of just 2-3 x 45-minute Pilates sessions per week is hugely beneficial for general fitness, conditioning during pregnancy (always inform your instructor if you are pregnant), overall strength training and maintaining muscle tone as we age.

Pilates involves a series of exercises that lengthen and tone your whole body while improving your posture. Our sessions strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back to improve balance, build trunk strength and flexibility, and relieve chronic pain.

Proactive Physio’s long-running Pilates program is highly regarded and led by qualified physiotherapists who are trained in clinical Pilates.

We offer dedicated floor and equipment sessions tailored for individuals and groups. Our sessions take place in a purpose-built gym six days a week.


Individual Pilates Session
45min $100

Private Pilates Group Sessions
from $27 per person
to $73.50 depending on group size

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Reformer PILATES

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, our Reformer Pilates classes use ‘the Reformer’ – a flat machine similar to a bed or massage table with resistance springs, straps for feet and hands, and a sliding carriage. Bands, circles and balls are also used for core-strengthening and muscle-lengthening purposes.


Public Group Reformer Class
$27 (10 Visit Pass $245)


Floor classes take place on a mat and incorporate a range of targeted resistance exercises executed slowly and precisely. The focus is on core control and observing the mind-body connection. Benefits include improved flexibility, muscle tone and lower-back health. Floor Pilates classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Public Group Floor Class
$19 (10 Visit Pass $171)