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Sports Injury

Recover from acute injury or get relief from minor aches and pains sustained during sport or fitness training with Proactive Physio.

Our physiotherapists specialise in working with runners, endurance athletes, cyclists and swimmers.

We regularly treat professional rugby players and golfers to address the causes of injuries, maximise their range of movement and optimise performance.

How we help

The discipline of sports injury therapy deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain arising from athletic activity.

We address all types of sports injuries, ranging from acute injuries to persistent niggles. Common conditions include ligament sprains, muscle or tendon tears and issues stemming from poor biomechanics.

Proactive Physio also achieves impressive results when treating common injuries caused by strength training, including torn ligaments, pinched bursas and pinched nerves.

As athletes ourselves, our team has a particular interest in treating sports injuries. We place great importance on precise assessment and fast-acting treatment plans that enable our clients to get back out there and perform better than ever.


Initial Consultation (45min): $100
Extended Consultation (45min): $100
Follow-up Consultation (30min): $80

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